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Your letters

I am not one to have ever contacted a paper to moan.However, on this occasion I cannot contain my anger.

On Friday, August 15, I had to take my 21-month-old son to our doctor’s surgery, Northbourne Medical Centre, as he was unwell with a chest infection and breathing difficulties. Having had previous problems in this area, Northbourne MC, as always, were amazing with my son and had to call an ambulance due to the severity of my son’s condition.

On leaving the surgery, the ambulance had blocked in a white 4x4 in order to come and get my son. The female owner of the 4x4 was getting in her car when my son and I got in the back of the ambulance, so there is no doubt that she saw us.

We were in the ambulance for approximately three to four minutes, as the paramedics were trying to calm my son down and get him on oxygen, when there was a banging on the back of the ambulance.

One of the paramedics opened the door to the irate female, who proceeded to shout, asking them to move, to which the lovely paramedic replied: “I’m sorry, madam, we are currently treating a sick child, we will move when we are ready.”

All the while, the female can hear my son is in a state. The female then proceeded to get in her vehicle and press on her horn for a number of minutes. As you can imagine, not only was this upsetting me but was not helping my son in his condition.

I am at a loss and still quite shocked that someone can react in this manner when (a) it was not just any vehicle blocking her in but an ambulance and (b) when she was informed it was a sick child, she continued her disgusting behaviour.

I know myself that if it were ever to happen to me, irrelevant of my own circumstances, an ambulance is always a sign of an emergency.

I hope this female will never have to experience what I am going through with my son and also if she ever did, would never have to encounter someone like her should the emergency services need to attend her or a member of her family.

On a positive note, I cannot fault Northbourne Medical Centre, the attending paramedics and the staff at Bluefin Ward, Worthing Hospital, who have been absolutely amazing in the care of my son.

Alicia Brown

Chanctonbury Drive


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