Are swans safe?

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Your letters

Those of us who live near to and visit the Brooklands lake would like to know if any progress is being made on ensuring the wellbeing of the newly-arrived family of swans, which, against all the odds, have taken up residence.

I seem to remember a promise back in the summer of 2014 that Worthing Council, the Environment Agency, Southern Water and other agencies with an interest would make the health of the lake the subject an urgent investigation.

How is it going?

Are there plans to stop a re-run of the poison algae build-up that has devastated the water quality for many years?

Perhaps by dredging and removing the silt and wash-down that led to very shallow water heating up so quickly? If money is the problem, how about getting E.ON Rampion to help out, in part compensation for disruption they will shortly be visiting upon us?

I know it’s freezing cold now, but with luck, the sun will shine in the summer and timely action will save the swans from harm.

Roger Sharman

Ullswater Road


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