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Your letters

In response to Trevor Cree’s letter (October 2), I wish we could heal this skate park divide. It makes it virtually impossible when one side cannot see the positives of a skate park on the Memorial Playing Field (MPF).

Why can’t opponents agree how suitable that location is? A pleasant place for families with children of all ages to gather, have a picnic, use the smaller children’s play area, have a game of football (when they await their turn), go to the town and use the local shops and so on. It is the least costly site, no on-going lease costs and owned by the council.

Users will have free access and there is a pledge of financial support from the Wilson Trust

I read Trevor’s ‘Third Way’ enclosures he sent me and discovered it was only a ‘Second Way’ (reiterating the two existing plans, one under appeal, the other withdrawn temporarily). It showed a chart comparing the MPF and the leisure centre under 17 criteria. The MPF received an assessment of 15 bad points and two fair. The leisure centre received 13 excellents, three bests and one good, measured against his criteria.

I swapped them round and got an equally bizarre result. The analysis was quite meaningless. I am not surprised the council didn’t send it to me, why should they? I am merely a resident with no greater influence than any other resident.

I do not see myself as a ‘leading voice’ supporting the MPF skate park either, just someone who writes to the press more frequently because I care about the children having a voice.

Trevor said I did not reply to his letter. I sent my reply to the Facebook site Steyning Skatepark Park at the Cricket Field because I now do not release my e-mail address due to previous bad experiences. I countered his assertion that I, and another named individual, were the site managers of the Facebook site. We have no control on what does or does not go on the site and are not the ones who set it up.

I would suggest Trevor reviews his ‘Third Way’. Putting it in a neighbourhood plan cannot achieve anything unless there really is a third way, which I frankly doubt. I believe the council’s first way is the only fair and workable option.

Mike Kelly

Kings Stone Avenue


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