Amount given was derisory

I couldn’t agree more with Marj Upton (Letters, November 29). The amount given to the RNLI by Tesco at the opening of its new store is a derisory amount. A few years ago, I presented a cheque to the RNLI on behalf of the Shoreham Beach Residents’ Association for twice that amount! And we are only a small local community group, not a multi-million pound national conglomerate. If Tesco wants to play “commercial fairy godmother” to the residents of Shoreham then they really should try a bit harder to engage with the local community. To this end, I would fully support Marj’s suggestion that they donate another £4,500 to local community groups, charities and schools in the vicinity of the new Green Jacket store. But somehow I don’t think that will ever happen, do you?

Councillor Ben Stride

Old Fort Road, Shoreham