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The Local Plan approved by Adur District Council, as reported in last week’s Herald, is very little different from the draft version of 2013, so vehemently opposed by the Conservative-controlled council’s parliamentary leader, Tim Loughton, when, at a large public meeting in Lancing Parish Hall last year, he pleaded for all residents to write to the planning officers to register strong opposition to the Adur Local Plan.

Did the Adur Conservative councillors decide to ditch the views of Mr Loughton, or did they just happen to forget that inconvenient fact?

Moreover, your report of the debate rightly mentions that it went ‘round in circles’. I sat in the public gallery and remember councillors Boggis, Beresford and Albury telling the UKIP group repeatedly that they were not being logical in opposing the plan.

But where was their own logic when they asserted that delaying or opposing the plan would ‘cause a free-for-all’, with councillor Dollemore adding his pennyworth that ‘we were living on borrowed time and risked uncontrolled development’ if the council did not act quickly?

Yet in the same breath, they also assured residents that the planning officers would never approve a free-for-all invasion by greedy developers. Or don’t they trust their own planning officers to watch over such developments with due diligence?

Even the Conservative leader, Neil Parkin, got in on the act, warning melodramatically of ‘things getting out of control’ and while not wanting to be accused of scaremongering, he warned of ‘complete anarchy, with developers pouncing on land and building wherever they liked’.

He obviously has very little faith in his own planning officers, for he asserted that developers would fail in their initial bids and then get those bids approved by the planning officers on appeal. He obviously knows things we don’t.

It all looks like a parade of inconsistency and convenient forgetfulness.

Sid Hilsum

councillor, Churchill Ward

Lancing Parish Council

Monks Avenue


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