Adur and Worthing bins: planned collection changes are ‘unbelievable’

Regarding the planned changes to bin collections – unbelievable!

My normal refuse bin is over-full each week, but we are not allowed a bigger bin because we have less than five people in the household.

Adur and Worthing councils recycling bins

Adur and Worthing councils recycling bins

And they cannot say we do not recycle. We have more recycling every fortnight than several of my neighbours put together.

It would be okay if suitable bins are provided, but my guess is that this will not be the case.

I have been trying to get another recycling bin for at least three years now.

First year, they had run out, second year they stopped issuing them (because of ‘inappropriate use’!) and a few weeks ago I was told I would have one ‘delivered shortly’... I’m still waiting!

Kazemi Groove

Evelyn Road, Worthing


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