Absurd decision

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Your letters

Adur District Council licensing committee, in its absurd decision to allow this music festival to go-ahead, is not representing the majority of the voters in the area.

Is that not its main function? What person of any age wants to be kept awake to the early hours, unless by choice? The prevailing wind is from the west, which means that the noise will affect probably 95 per cent of the Shoreham population.

And where are all these buses going to take people? To Shoreham’s tiny railway station? Or Worthing’s not much bigger station?

And it’s not just the dogs in the Dogs Trust that will be traumatised. Most domestic dogs are badly affected by excessive noise.

Furthermore this is a working airport, not some derelict unused wartime airport. However, it may well look like one after this festival is over!

Ian Wilson



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