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Your letters

With regard to Oliver Poole’s Business Matters column (January 29) on the shelf life of petitions – a good topic!

I don’t think I usually read your column, but I noticed it this time.

I see what you mean about the large number of petitions everywhere nowadays – it’s so much easier to do an online petition than slogging your way around the area.

Petitions to planning authorities were never normally successful regarding saving buildings, because all the signatures counted as one, and in any case, the decisions were usually made and everything arranged anyway. The publicity was useful though. International online petitions can achieve thousands and thousands of signatures and there have been cases where foreign authorities capable of saving animals in distress have acted as a result of the obvious world concern.

I don’t think it’s time to abandon online petitions, but letters as well are a good idea. The two things complement each other.

If you do another controversial subject, how about bullying?

Jacqueline Deeks

Wendy Ridge


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