Yellow lines battle in Steyning road

The current yellow lines in Penns Court, Steyning
The current yellow lines in Penns Court, Steyning
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A STEYNING resident claimed excessive parking on a neighbourhood road could become ‘a matter of life and death’.

Concerns were raised at last Wednesday’s Chanctonbury County Local Committee meeting regarding excessive parking in Penns Court.

One Penns Court resident said: “Our objective is the safety of our residents. If cars are parked on both sides of the road ambulances and fire engines can’t get through. It could be a matter of life and death.”

She said with 62 homes in Penns Court, and around 70 to 80 residents, there were too many drivers attempting to park on one narrow road.

The committe was considering a proposal to extend the double yellow lines to cover most of the southern side of Penns Court, and part of the northern side, to rectify ‘inconsiderate’ parking.

Louise Davis, of Ridge Mount, said she had lived in the area for 15 years and there was nowhere else to park.

“It says on the agenda that we will lose one parking space through the installation of the lines. I would disagree with that, I’d actually say we’re losing three spaces.”

A supporter of the proposal said: “This lady doesn’t actually live in Penns Court.”

In response, Mrs Davis said: “But I’ve parked for 15 years in Penns Court.”

A petition supporting the yellow lines received 44 signatures and a petition against had 32 signatures.

Committee chairman David Barling said: “I do support this cause but I can tell you that a fire engine on average goes down there about four times a year.”

Assistant highways manager Roger Harding agreed to organise a site visit to gauge the number of spaces that could be lost if the proposal goes through.