Year’s worth of growth cut for charity

Luke Hunt with June Masters, who died just before Christmas
Luke Hunt with June Masters, who died just before Christmas

A BEARD that has taken a year to grow will be shaved off tomorrow, to raise money for charity.

Luke Hunt, 26, is shaving his chin for St Barnabas House hospice, in front of a crowd at The Romans Pub in Southwick.

He has been growing his beard since January last year but the razor will bring an end to his challenge when he shaves the whole thing off at 7.30pm tomorrow.

Luke and his girlfriend Emma Pearce, who live in Shoreham, are supporting the hospice in memory of Emma’s grandma, June Masters, who died unexpectedly before Christmas.

Emma said: “Luke has always wanted to grow a beard and shave it off when fed up of it for charity.

“My grandmother, who also lived in Shoreham, passed away in hospital but we hoped she would have gone into St Barnabas House if the circumstances were different.

“After going through this sad time with my family, I can only being to imagine the wonderful job the guys do at St Barnabas House.”

She said her grandma had always been ‘a big fan of Luke getting rid of the beard’.

Luke used to live in Southwick, so he is hoping other regulars there will support his challenge.