Worthing man devastated by mysterious cat death: 'He was definitely killed by someone or something'

Wifi was a two and a half year old Maine coon
Wifi was a two and a half year old Maine coon

A Worthing man has said he has been left 'devastated' and 'dumbfounded' after the body of his cat was handed in by a mysterious stranger.

Nick Murphy Brewer, from Tarring Road in Worthing, said he received a call from Grove Lodge vets on Monday (January 7) afternoon to say his cat, Wifi, had been found dead.

He took Wifi's body to his usual vet, Cat's Whiskers in South Farm Road, and was told its injuries were not conducive with being hit by a vehicle.

Now Mr Brewer is desperate to get in touch with the anonymous good Samaritan and a request for information on Facebook has already been shared more than 600 times.

"I'm completely dumbfounded," he said, adding his family had raised the two and a half year old Maine coon from a kitten.

"My family are devastated - he was part of the family. If somebody saw something, it would be great to know. It might give me information about what happened."

Mr Brewer said Wifi was bleeding from the nose when he arrived at the vet and, according to the vets at Grove Lodge, had been found in a garden.

He said his Cat's Whisker's vet told him the injuries were not conducive with a car accident as there was no damage to Wifi's claws. When a cat is struck by a car, its claws come out to try to grip the road and are damaged.

"He never went near the road anyway," he said. "He hardly left the house and when he did he never went far - he must have been found in a garden in this area.

"He was definitely killed by someone or something."

Cat's Whiskers vet has been contacted for more information.

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