Worthing Dads seek new members in Shoreham and Littlehampton

Worthing Dads Youssef Fayou with Leila and Keith Fowler with Clodagh''Picture by Gerald Thompson W06005P11
Worthing Dads Youssef Fayou with Leila and Keith Fowler with Clodagh''Picture by Gerald Thompson W06005P11

A GROUP of “stay-at-home” dads who have joined forces for moral support are on the hunt for new members.

Dads Keith Fowler and Youssef Fayou founded the group Worthing Dads in June, because they felt there was not enough support for house-husbands.

The pair said although they enjoyed chatting to mums at playgroups, they wanted to meet other dads to share experiences and discuss their feelings.

They have been amazed at the interest shown so far, from both within the town and beyond.

Now, Keith and Youssef are hoping more dads in Shoreham and Littlehampton will contact them for help to start their own groups.

Support for dads

Keith, from West Worthing, said: “We have had contact from Brighton dads and I have spoken to one who is now going to start one himself.

“I am sure there is a similar situation in Littlehampton and Shoreham.”

Keith, 32, who has a two-year-old daughter, Clodagh, said he felt there needed to be more support for dads, especially as it can be intimidating to be the only dad in a room full of mums.

He said: “The problem we were facing was a group of mums together and dads few and far between.

“We do not want to exclude anyone. We want to be mixing with everyone.”

He added: “There is nothing really out there for dads. There is no support and advice.”

Stay at home

Keith decided to become a stay-at-home dad after his wife went back to work when her maternity leave finished.

He said his wife had created a good network of friends when she was off work and although he got on with them, he wanted to meet other dads.

“I called around and searched the internet to try to find dad groups and support and there was very little,” he said.

Youssef moved from Morocco three years ago and decided to be a house-husband because his wife earned more money and he wanted to teach 18-month-old daughter, Leila, his native language, Berber.

Call 0845 388 7874, send an email to info@worthingdads.co.uk or visit www.worthingdads.co.uk (see external link to the top right of this story) for more information.