Workmen called out ten times to fix Littlehampton woman's back door: 'it's absolute pants'

Elizabeth Ferrie has had enough of the problems with her back door
Elizabeth Ferrie has had enough of the problems with her back door

A Littlehampton woman whose back door has been broken for over a year has had enough after calling workmen out ten times to fix it.

Elizabeth Ferrie, from Barque Close, Littlehampton, said that since 2018 there had been a catalogue of problems with her back door, including broken hinges.

She said she had called out Anglian Home Improvements ten times to fix the issues, but said the list kept growing. The latest problem was a gaping window which the 71-year-old said was letting in drafts.

She said: "It is a never-ending problem and nothing is getting solved. I have had so much hassle with it that when the guy last came, I was nearly in tears because I am at the end of my tether with it."

The door was installed by the company in 2016, before the death of her husband Alan in 2017, Elizabeth said.

One of the first problems Elizabeth noticed was with the lock. Because she could not lock the door, she had to tie it closed with a piece of string and put a metal dustbin in front of it.

Since this was fixed, the retired debt collector has had to call out Anglian several more times to replace the hinges, the frame, the sealant and now the window.

As it has a ten-year guarantee, Elizabeth has not had to pay - but she claimed the overall service she has received had been 'absolute pants', with some workmen admitting they do not know what is wrong with it.

She said: "All I want is it to be fixed. Quite frankly, I think they should give me a new door and redo the whole pigging thing right now."

A spokesperson for Anglian Home Improvements said: “Anglian has been manufacturing and installing home improvements for more than 50 years, and product quality and customer satisfaction are incredibly important to us.

"We regret that, on this occasion, Ms Ferrie’s experience has fallen short of the high standards we strive to achieve.

"We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we have a visit to the customer’s property booked in for later this month to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.”