Work on drain could end years of flooding

SH 120115  Drainage works starting in Dog Lane, Steyning. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-151201-165131001
SH 120115 Drainage works starting in Dog Lane, Steyning. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-151201-165131001

MORE than £2,000 has been invested to resolve long-term flooding issues in Steyning.

Roadworks started on Monday in Dog Lane, which has been prone to flooding during heavy rainfall, causing water to gather in the High Street, around Springwells Hotel, and affect a number of homes.

In the past, the flooding has been known to run 
over the pavement and also cause problems for traffic in the road.

David Barling, county councillor for Bramber Castle, said: “The parish council has employed contractors utilising monies from Operation Watershed to repair a seriously damaged drain which runs the length of Dog Lane and contractors are now on site.”

The drainage works, which were estimated to cost £2,246, started on Monday and are expected to continue until February 6.

The road is currently closed at both ends, at its junctions with High Street and with Sheep Pen Lane.

A new drainage pipe will be installed where the old one had collapsed, causing a build up of fallen rubble.

At Steyning Parish Council’s meeting on Monday night, councillor Gill Muncey said a camera had revealed the blockage under the road.

She said: “They put the camera down, the problems they identified were under Dog Lane itself. So whether there’s still further problems under the High Street, I think we’ll have to wait and see.

“They said there was a ton of rubble in those pipes that collapsed and it’s a really big problem for Dog Lane.

“Whether, then, that clears the whole area we’ll have to wait and see, but they couldn’t look much further because there’s so much rubble blocking it.”

After the meeting, Mr Barling said: “It is very localised flooding and I have been on the case for some while.

“I visited Dog Lane and the work is proceeding, despite there being inclement weather.”

Mr Barling said that water had been known to seep into the basement of one of the houses in Dog Lane.

“We hope to prevent this in future as part of these works,” he said.

“Contractors have also responded to a local resident who was concerned that the method of work could harm an historic building, The Old Brewery House.”