West Sussex County Council backs first National Pothole Day

A large pothole in Lyndhurst Road, Worthing    Picture: Eddie Mitchell
A large pothole in Lyndhurst Road, Worthing Picture: Eddie Mitchell

WEST Sussex County Council is hoping the first ever National Pothole Day will raise awareness of the maintenance carried out on the county’s roads.

Today, the council is teaming up with Meon – a product supplier for highways maintenance, surface marking, decorative surfacing and forestry industries – to improve the condition of roads in the area.

Meon is supplying the council with materials and some of its staff will accompany contractors to fill in potholes.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said: “We support National Pothole Day. It is a way of demonstrating the work we do to fill potholes, which we have been doing continuously over the past nine months.

“We have had between three and six pothole patrol gangs doing this work in that time.

“Meon approached us and we saw it as an opportunity to raise the profile of the good work we are doing.

“Meon’s offer also represents value for money – our contractor Balfour Beatty only has to supply labour and plant to use the new product.”

National Pothole Day is backed by influential roads campaigner Mark Morrell aka ‘Mr Pothole’, The Sun Motors, RAC and Halfords Autocentre.

A spokesman from Meon has urged the public to play a part in the awareness campaign.

They said: “We have the opportunity to help save lives, increase safety and help restore faith back into the general public.”

County councillor Bryan Turner has welcomed the day.

He said the council was ‘probably ahead of the game’ when it came to addressing potholes.