‘Strong sunshine’ forecast for Worthing this weekend

Sunshine, heat and humidity are on the weather menu this weekend in Worthing.

Saturday, 12th June 2021, 11:10 am

It’s set to be a gloriously sunny weekend – with temperatures potentially reaching as high as 27C in some parts of Sussex on Sunday.

The Met Office said today would be a ‘generally fine and very warm day’ in Worthing ‘with light winds and large amounts of strong sunshine’.

Tomorrow will be ‘dry and largely sunny, and becoming very warm for many places’.

The sun in a clear blue sky. Photo: Pixabay

Temperatures are likely to peak at around 21C in Worthing over the weekend, according to the BBC.

A spokesman from Netweather.tv has issued the following forecast for Sussex.

“Sunshine, heat and humidity are on the weather menu this weekend, but perhaps make the most of it as it does look like a change may be on the way by next weekend.

“There’s been a fair bit of cloud drifting around during the second half of the week, but as we go into the weekend it’s going to start to clear, with Sunday in particular in line to see virtually wall-to-wall sunshine.

“Temperatures will respond to that sunshine as well, heading comfortably up into the mid-twenties.

“And by Monday the high twenties are likely.

“Gentle sea breezes will keep the coast a touch cooler, but even so, Brighton and Eastbourne, for instance, will still see highs of 21-24c with the breeze perhaps making it more comfortable and less sticky than inland.

“Overnight, temperatures aren’t going to dip too far, particularly Sunday night into Monday, where many places will do well to get below 15c or so, which may make for an uncomfortable night.

“If you’re a hayfever sufferer, the pollen count will be very high this weekend and into next week, as the main grass pollen season has now kicked into gear.

“UV levels will also be very high, so do take precautions if you’re heading out to enjoy the sunny weather.

“Next week will start fine with more heat and long sunny spells on Monday, Tuesday and probably Wednesday.

“But by that point, there may be the risk of some thundery downpours.

“Cooler, sometimes cloudier weather, maybe even with some rain at times is likely to move down into the region after midweek. So, by next weekend, temperatures are liable to be nearer to average.

“Head over to Netweather if you’d like to check your latest local forecast and pollen count.”