Villages launch war project

EXTENSIVE research is planned ahead of an exhibition marking the centenary of the start of world war one.

Villagers in Upper Beeding, Bramber and Botolphs are working together on the project and more volunteers are sought.

The 3bs Parish is working with Upper Beeding Parish Council to organise research and displays.

The Rev John Challis said: “Like many towns and villages, we are planning to remember the start of world war one with a special display and undertake a lot of research.

“We need to be clear that we are not celebrating the war but we are linking this in to Remembrance Sunday and looking at the impact that it had on the community of Beeding and Bramber with Botolphs.”

The plan is to make a map showing each of the men who died in battle and have their names read out on Remembrance Sunday. It will depicts where they lived in the parish, where they fought and where they died.

Mr Challis added: “We also are planning to show what our villages looked like, what life was like for those left at home, the work of nurses, local prisoners of war, a section on women’s role, the effects of the war and its social changes in our parish.

“Also, we want to show what happened to those who objected and didn’t fight. It’s a big project and we want to link it in to other towns and villages locally and nationally.”

The aim is to present the research during the first two weeks in November, in the church hall and parish churches.

Anyone interested in helping with the project is invited to a meeting on Monday, February 24, at 7.30pm in the Gladys Bevan Hall, in Church Lane, Upper Beeding.

Mr Challis said: “There is lots to do, from research to setting up and making the displays. Later, we plan something else for the middle of the war years and then we are planning another event for the anniversary of the end of the war.”

Contact Mr Challis for more details on 01903 810265.