VIDEO: Wing-walking sisters at Shoreham Airshow

TWO wing-walking sisters took to the skies for the first time as part of a two-plane display at this year’s Shoreham Airshow.

Stars of the Breitling Wingwalkers display, Emily and Stella Guilding, performed together for the first time as a pair, wowing the crowds with aerial acrobatics as their planes looped, rolled, and even flew upside-down.

“The conditions were a little bit bumpy and windy which makes it a lot harder for the pilots but I thought it went quite well,” said Stella, 27, who has been wing-walking for six years.

“Personally, the most fun bit is the climb down. We do a couple of moves on the way down when we are more free and get a bit more room to move.”

When asked how she and her sister had become involved in such an unusual career, Stella said: “I saw it in the paper and thought it was an amazing job and I had to do it. You need to be quite strong and not afraid to do a bit of hard work. It’s not all glitz and glamour.

“You have to be prepared to muck in and do the hard work. And you need to be good at gymnastics and have good flexibility. It helps if you have a dance or gymnastics background.”

Speaking specifically about Shoreham Airshow, Stella said: “I love it. It’s really nice because we taxi past everyone before we fly and give everyone a wave.”

Geography graduate Emily, 29, said she was st still getting used it all.

“It’s only my third show so it’s still all a bit new,” she said. “I really enjoy the thrill of performing for the crowd, doing something so unique and putting on a good performance.”