VIDEO: Town on flood alert

SHOREHAM was on flood alert today at lunchtime as high tides threatened to breach defences along the Adur estuary.

Sandbags bolstered doorways along Brighton Road in readiness for an inundation but homes were spared as flooding was limited to isolated patches.

Vehicles parked at Surry Hard

Vehicles parked at Surry Hard

Puddles formed on Brighton Road by the Sussex Yacht Club, slowing traffic, and vehicles parked at Surry Hard had salt water lapping halfway up the wheels.

But relatively little rain meant the town survived what could have been much worse flooding.

Similar surges are expected for tomorrow lunchtime, and the Environment Agency warning will remain in place.

The warning states: “A high spring tide this lunchtime combined with a moderate surge will bring an increased level of flood risk.
“Locations most at risk are the Yacht club, A259 at Frosts Garage, commercial properties with slipways onto Shoreham Harbour and the tidal wall at Shoreham airport.

“The tidal wall was damaged during the winter floods and this flood warning is precautionary based on the advice of our duty officers.”

Environment Agency staff are monitoring conditions.