VIDEO: Save Shoreham Airfield rally

CAMPAIGNERS gathered outside Shoreham Airport’s terminal building this morning for a Lib Dem rally.

Jemima Bland, Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham, organised the gathering as part of her Save Shoreham Airfield campaign.

Jemima Bland, centre, with campaigners at Shoreham Airport

Jemima Bland, centre, with campaigners at Shoreham Airport

Members of the Shoreham Society and Shoreham Airport Operators and Tenants Association were among those holding up placards and touring the building to view the damage.

Ms Bland said: “Our campaign is focussed on stopping the decline of the terminal building, and securing community asset status for the airfield as a whole, in order to protect it from any future redevelopment without asking the community first.

“The airport terminal is now in a severe state of decline. People working in the building report that there are buckets are being used to catch the drops coming in via the historic domed and painted ceiling.

“The scaffolding designed to protect the building from collapse looks increasingly inadequate. With disputes between the leaseholder and council freeholders ongoing, there is still no sign of money being committed to make even the basic repairs.

“Realistically, the building may not be safe to use for much longer if no investment is made.”

See the Herald next Thursday for the full story.