VIDEO: Richard Durrant’s Cycling Music blog 6

FOUR weeks into the Cycling Music tour of England, guitarist Richard Durrant and his companion Sean Simington have slipped into a routine.

As they head from the Midlands to Yorkshire, Richard gets to see some of his family for the last time for several weeks, as the tour heads further north, far from home.

The gingerbread man at Rotherham Cathedral

The gingerbread man at Rotherham Cathedral

But Sean points out: “We have much to be thankful for.”

He arrives in Rotherham, the town where his was born, and is greeted not by the mayor but be a gingerbread man!

Richard, now used to the bike, is having trouble with the climate, being a Sussex man.

After a 35-mile ride in pouring rain, he likens Yorkshire to the Arctic.

As the video ends, the most northerly point of the tour approaches.