VIDEO: Richard Durrant’s Cycling Music blog 4

OVER the Mendips, part four in guitarist Richard Durrant’s Cycling Music video blogs, sees him heading north.

“The miles don’t seem to have affected the hands,” he says.

Guitarist Richard Durrant struggling up a hill

Guitarist Richard Durrant struggling up a hill

The misturns are an occupational hazard and there are many hills to contend with.

Richard and his companion Sean Simington make a spooky trip on a cycle lane that takes them through an old railway tunnel.

Richard comments on the ventilation shafts and the water dripping down as he pedals through the busy tunnel.

“It is like the M1 of bikes,” he adds.

Later, he comes off his bike for the fourth time, going up a hill. he gets caught up in the grass verge and is catapulted like a ‘mini bicycle pole vault’ into stinging nettles and bramble bushes.

Covered in scratches, he declares: “The show must go on.”