VIDEO: Pirates celebrate treasure hunt success

A BOATLOAD of swashbuckling pirates were marooned in a classroom at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School last Thursday.

The castaways looked a lot like the school’s reception class, only with eye-patches, gold earrings and their own pirate names.

S05520H14 Swashbuckling pirates at St Peter's

S05520H14 Swashbuckling pirates at St Peter's

The children wrote to old Captain Barnacle to ask what a real pirate was, and true to his word, he paid the little ones a visit, and he was carrying an ancient map.

The motley crew embarked upon a treasure hunt, following the clues around the island, which looked a lot like St Peter’s, before finally discovering where X marked the spot.

There they dug up a treasure chest, filled to the brim with glistening gold coins.

But the pieces of eight mysteriously began to disappear, when the hungry crew realised they were made of chocolate.

To celebrate their good fortune, the pirates danced to an old sea shanty.

First mate Matthew English said the adventure came about after the children chose to study maps.

“We are trying to make the curriculum come alive and give the children memorable experiences, “ he said.

According to Mr English, the pirates were all very well behaved, an none of them was made to walk the plank.

Lately the crew has been reading and writing about pirates.

Visit to see a video of the pirate dance.