VIDEO: Parking bid steps up with petition launch

FOUR businesses on Shoreham Beach are gathering support for their campaign to keep parking outside their premises.

The owners say their businesses are under threat due to the Ferry Road Enhancement Scheme, which aims to provide a pedestrian link across Adur Ferry Bridge to East Street.

John Pritchard, Sheila Blackford, Helen Bunker and Bob Baker in the parking area D14282834a

John Pritchard, Sheila Blackford, Helen Bunker and Bob Baker in the parking area D14282834a

Bob Baker, from accountancy firm Robert Baker & Co, said they started a petition on Tuesday, July 8, and had collected more than 200 signatures within a week.

The businesses affected are the first four in Ferry Road from the junction with Riverside Road.

Mr Baker’s firm, Pritchards Embroidery and Beach Café own the land immediately in front of their premises, up to the main pavement.

The area currently includes a parking bay for four or five cars but plans under the enhancement scheme would see it turned into a paved area with alfresco seating.

Mr Baker said: “The Ferry Road Enhancement Group wants to pave over the whole of the area in front of my business and the three other businesses alongside me.

“This will kill our businesses – our clients will not be able to park when they need to visit us and deliveries will not be able to access us either.

“Maybe the worst part about this is that we own the land. However, the council seem to think that this is irrelevant and that they can simply take what is not theirs. None of us are against the enhancement plans, we simply want to keep the parking in front of our businesses.

“We are four businesses that have survived a double recession and have 23 workers – 23 families that will be affected if the council take our land.”

Although the rest of the plans, which include new paving and a seating area overlooking the River Adur, were not an issue, Mr Baker said they were concerned about the lack of parking.

“The parking will be hugely restricted once the plans are in force. The only parking that will remain are the existing bays in Ferry Road in front of no.9 to no.27,” Mr Baker added.

“From what we understand, double yellow lines are to be placed along both sides of the road, excluding the parking bays, and parking charges will be reinstated in the car park in Riverside Road.”