VIDEO: Giant flower is now the leaning tower of Worthing after winds

A giant flower dubbed ‘the pride of Worthing’ by its owner had a narrow escape after it was almost blown over by strong winds.

The blustery spell last Wednesday almost spelt doom for the 18 foot-tall echium flower, which can be found in Val and Don MacQuarrie’s front garden in Wenban Road, Worthing.

Don MacQuarrie and John Wollaston with the leaning echium flower

Don MacQuarrie and John Wollaston with the leaning echium flower

It was swaying dangerously in the wind, tearing up its roots in the process – but the worried couple called landscape gardener John Wollaston, who managed to secure it.

A relieved Don, 75, said: “We could see that the tree was leaning over, and we hoped it wasn’t going to crash down. We thought it would be a bit of a disaster if the pride of Worthing fell; it could have been a huge blow to our campaign to improve Worthing’s tourism.”

The flower is believed to be the biggest in the town. Click here for more.

John, 28, from Goring, attached the gargantuan flower to a nearby wall using a wire and metal eyelets.

“I couldn’t attach it to a stick because I couldn’t get one tall enough, and you couldn’t drive it in the ground enough to support the weight of the plant.”

He said the flower was the biggest he’d seen in a private garden in his nine-year career: “I was impressed with the size of it to be honest; the sheer height and weight of the stem is incredible.”

If you have seen a taller flower, call 01903 282 377.