VIDEO: Egyptian day at Glebe Primary

SOUTHWICK pupils were turned into slaves for the day to visit the Street of the Dead.

Year three at Glebe Primary School experienced life as an Egyptian slave, learning various trades at market stalls in a Thebes-style street setting.

S12339H14 Watching the clay oil lamps burning

S12339H14 Watching the clay oil lamps burning

The children were told that even if they were dressed in finery, they must still be slaves, captured during battle, and they must learn skills to please their owner.

The workshops included making canopic jars, mummification, making perfumed combs and clay oil lamps, shaping bread and designing carvings.

Pupil Sarah Lidbetter said: “It was a fun day with so much to do. I loved it – and being an Ancient Egyptian.”

Other pupils said they found jobs like grinding charcoal for the scribes harder than they realised.

Following the morning market last Monday, the children spent the afternoon preparing for the Festival of the Nile, to celebrate the flooding of the river.

They played percussion instruments and performed dances and plays to entertain the Pharaoh, his wife, Nefertiti and their honoured guests.

In between performances, the slaves delivered various courses of a magnificent banquet, with servings of bread, cheese and fruit, washed down by ‘red wine’.

Year-three teachers Pauline Davies and Matt Miller said it had been an enjoyable and active way for the children to learn about life in the past.

“The day-long workshop, provided by the History Off the Page company, was full of practical activities which gave them hands-on experience of the crafts and created a sense of what life was like for ordinary Egyptians.”

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