VIDEO: Dog of the week – Suki

SUKI loves a fuss, so can be quite excitable when meeting new people.

The female labrador cross can, however, do a beautiful sit when needed to calm down.

Enrichment games are used to train one-year-old Suki

Enrichment games are used to train one-year-old Suki

The one-year-old dog is friendly and would rather have attention from people than play with toys.

Dogs Trust said: “She is a typical lab type and really enjoys her food. She travels well in the car, which is handy as Suki will need to be driven to very quiet walking locations.”

Suki cannot live with dogs, cats, or small furries and will need a garden to exercise in. Children in the home will need to be aged 10 years plus.

The charity added: “She is a very bright dog and is undergoing training here at the centre. She needs lots of mental stimulation and is learning to use enrichment games where she has to use her mind. Her trainer is also teaching her search games.

“Her new owners will need to be committed to continuing one-to-one training with her in the home.”

Call the rehoming centre on 01273 452576 for more information.