VIDEO: Dog of the week – Stanley

PUPPY Stanley is a typical young dog, full of energy.

The male Staffordshire bull terrier needs a family willing to be patient and to put in the sort of time that all young dogs need.

Interactive toys and games will help puppy Stanley

Interactive toys and games will help puppy Stanley

Stanley is just under five months old and can travel in the car, or walk nicely on the lead, not bothered by traffic.

Dogs Trust said: “Stanley likes the company of people and other dogs, which is great, as continued positive socialisation is important at his age.

“He can live with children over the age of 14, as long as they are used to dogs and the normal behaviours of young pups.

“Stanley is very playful with toys and loves his food and treats. This is great as they can all be used with his training, which will need to be continued.

“Leaving time will need to be built up slowly and he will need lots of interactive toys and games to keep him amused.”

Contact the Shoreham rehoming centre on 01273 466970 to find out more.