VIDEO: Dog of the Week – Ruby

RUBY came to Dogs Trust as a stray, so the charity has no background information.

But staff say the female crossbreed is loving with them and friendly with strangers.

Crossbreed Ruby loves food and playing with toys

Crossbreed Ruby loves food and playing with toys

The five-year-old is, however, worried by over handling, probably because of a broken leg that was left to set itself in the past.

The charity said: “This must have been painful for her, but Dogs Trust has paid for her to have surgery and we are monitoring her healing process.

“We are looking for an adult-only home for her and we know Ruby likes other dogs, but because of her leg operation, we haven’t mixed her with a kennel mate so that she can heal quietly. We are unsure what she is like with small furries.”

Ruby likes to go for a drive in the car, doesn’t mind traffic and walks nicely on the lead, but is not happy being left alone.

Food, bones and tasty treats go down well and Ruby loves to play with toys.

Call the Shoreham rehoming centre on 01273 452576.