VIDEO: Dog of the week – Rover

SWIMMING in the river and playing with tennis balls are two of Rover’s favourite activities.

The black male labrador also loves tasty treats, chews and most of all, squeezy cheese.

Rover, a male labrador, loves squeezy cheese

Rover, a male labrador, loves squeezy cheese

The six-year-old dog is a little noise sensitive, so needs a home that is not too manic, where any children would be aged 14 years plus.

Dogs Trust said: “He is a sweet affectionate boy once he knows you and just loves to lay about having cuddles and tummy tickles.

“He is struggling to mix with other dogs at the moment and his trainer is working on this with him, so it will be essential for Rover’s new owners to have a garden for him to potter in and they will need to be happy to keep up the training.

“He loves people so much that he gets sad when he is left alone, so leaving times will need to be built up slowly.”

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