VIDEO: Dog of the week – Pickles

PICKLES has had a very sad and unstable upbringing so needs a patient, kind new owner.

The 18-month-old female Staffordshire bull terrier is energetic and very excitable, but friendly with people and desperate for attention.

Pickles will need patient owners and time to settle

Pickles will need patient owners and time to settle

Dogs Trust said: “We would be looking for a home where any children are older teenagers.

“She needs to learn to channel all her energy two ways - into something positive, like agility, which she would be great at as she is very agile, and quiet/calm time, which is very important.”

Pickles is a huge fan of toys and the squeakier they are, the better. Food and treats also go down well.

The charity’s trainers say: “She is a little cautious of other dogs, but she can live with one. Equally, she doesn’t crave their attention, so she would happily be an only dog. She cannot live with cats or any other small furries.

“Pickles is excitable out and about, but she doesn’t pull on the lead, she’s just busy. She is good around traffic and travels well in the car.

“This little lady is going to need help getting used to being left alone, because she loves the company of people so much. Leaving time will need to be built up slowly.”

Patient, kind owners who will be happy to work with Pickles training to help her to settle in to a stable home environment would be perfect.

Call the Shoreham rehoming centre on 01273 466970 for more information.