VIDEO: Dog of the week – Nessa

STAFFORDSHIRE bull terrier Nessa knows what retirement is all about.

The 14-year-old female wants nothing more than to sit on a lap and have lovely cuddles.

Retirement means a quiet life for 14-year-old Nessa

Retirement means a quiet life for 14-year-old Nessa

Dogs Trust said: “Nessa really loves the people she knows and is friendly towards strangers.”

The dog can live with children aged 12 years plus and would like to be the only pet in the home.

“Nessa will need a garden to potter in as sometimes she’ll go for a walk, but more often than not, she won’t,” said the charity.

“She likes her home comforts too much to leave them, so a garden will allow her to get some fresh air.”

As Nessa has Cushing’s Disease and arthritic front legs, Dogs Trust will pay for medication under the Dogs Trust Shared Adoption Scheme, which excludes routine treatments and the first £7.50 for each visit.

The Shoreham rehoming centre said: “Nessa is a happy lady and she is quite comfortable with the medication she is on and her conditions. She would love a quiet home to retire to, where she can spend the rest of her days being loved and snoozing.

Call 01273 452576 for more information.