VIDEO: Dog of the week – Baloo

MALE lurcher Baloo has not had much input at previous homes.

Dogs Trust describes the nine-month-old as a big baby with a few more months of growing to do.

Baloo is a big baby, according to Dogs Trust Shoreham

Baloo is a big baby, according to Dogs Trust Shoreham

“He can become overexcited at times when meeting people,” said staff at the Shoreham rehoming centre. “He is a friendly boy and is looking for a home with children aged 16 years and over.

“He is a busy boy, into everything, and wants to be a part of everything you do. So, new owners need to have lots of time to help with his training and who enjoy lots of fun and walks every day.”

A garden is a must to help with his off-lead exercise. Baloo will also need new owners who own a car, to drive to quieter walking areas.

The charity said: “He is not able to live with a dog at the moment, but he will need to have doggie friends out and about, as he likes his playtime with his doggy pals.

“He also needs his new family to be a multi household, because Baloo needs help learning to be left alone. He gets very upset being left on his own, so his new family must be happy to work on this. He is a lovely boy and will make someone a smashing pet.”

Contact the Shoreham rehoming centre on 01273 466970 for more information.