VIDEO: Diamond day marks pair’s ‘enduring love’

A SHOREHAM couple who have lived in the same house for most of their married life have celebrated their diamond wedding.

Beryl and Douglas Hebborn, of Southview Close, moved in while he was working at Shoreham Port.

Beryl and Douglas Hebborn celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary D14151219a

Beryl and Douglas Hebborn celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary D14151219a

Mr Hebborn, 91, said: “We have lived in this house since it was built. I was working in Shoreham and I was just walking around the back of the church when I saw it.”

Much of his work was in customs and excise and he became deputy in charge of oil at Custom House in Shoreham.

Mr Hebborn explained: “I had to deal with all the ships coming in and I dealt with a lot of breweries and distilleries. There was a lot I had to learn. I also dealt with hydrocarbon oil in Shoreham.”

Although the family has always been in the same house, Douglas has worked as a civil servant in many locations around the UK, including several spells in Wales.

“I was away from home a lot but always brought presents when I came home,” he said.

At the age of 54, he totally changed direction and took a job in Cardiff, working as an underwriter until he retired.

Then, he took a job in Steyning, working in probate with solicitors Dell and Loader in the 1990s, until he was 73.

Daughter Kim said: “He just liked the different challenges.”

Mr Hebborn added: “I think of people who have spent their lives as I have done, moving around, and yet there are people in business who have not worked in any other industry.”

Meanwhile, back in Shoreham, Mrs Hebborn, 82, was a dinner lady at Kingston Buci Infant School, then later worked at Boots, initially in East Street, then later in High Street.

Son Ian, who was born in the house with the aid of a midwife who lived next door, said: “This is a story of enduring love in a modern world where 60 minutes together seems sometimes too long, let alone 60 years.

“It has not been all lollipops and roses along the way, but love has endured. They are extremely close.”

Mr Hebborn presented his wife with a diamond ring to mark the occasion and around 25 family and friends celebrated with them on Saturday afternoon, some coming from abroad.

The couple met in Brighton and were together for two years before marrying on April 3, 1954. They moved to Shoreham three years later.

The couple took off on a world cruise for their golden wedding, stopping off in Australia, where Mr Hebborn was stationed during the second world war.

He had been working in the Post Office when he was drafted into the Royal Navy, where he became a radio telegraphist on HMS Indomitable and was involved in the Okinawa campaign.

Ian said: “People think the war was mainly fought in Europe but Dad served most of his time in Japan.

“He was based in Sydney in the war, so he wanted to go back to the old haunts.”

An only child, Mr Hebborn spent time in Strawberry Hill boarding school for orphans in London.

He explained: “My father died when I was nine years old and the year after, I was at boarding school. I spent four years there.”

Ian and Kim said they had been lovely parents.