VIDEO: Children go bananas to support Fairtrade

PUPILS at Swiss Gardens Primary School in Shoreham have gone bananas!

The school is marking Fairtrade Fortnight by spending two weeks focusing on bananas.

Fairtrade co-ordinator Lis Telcs dressed as a banana with the Fairtrade ambassadors S09070H14

Fairtrade co-ordinator Lis Telcs dressed as a banana with the Fairtrade ambassadors S09070H14

Last week, children across the school took part in a fun quiz and the winners were given the chance to take part in a banana challenge on Friday, in front of their classmates.

Lis Telcs, Fairtrade co-ordinator at the school, said her young Fairtrade ambassadors had planned the timetable for the fortnight.

“It is about abolishing the unfair banana and making sure farmers who grow bananas get a fair wage,” she explained.

Ten-year-olds Jake Heal and Jessica Greener prepared the quiz, with separate questions for reception children.

Jake said: “We had to do a quiz with 20 questions and wrote them all about bananas. I had to do quite a lot of research. One boy and one girl from each class won the chance to do the banana challenge and the class came down to watch them do it.”

The reception winners had to eat a banana without touching it with their hands, then make letters using four bananas.

Challenges for the older children included spelling out the word bananas using bananas and seeing how high they could stack the fruits.

Lis said: “That was quite interesting because years one and two didn’t make a big stack, then year three made a circle on the floor and talked about why it would not build up very well.”

The project continues this week, with everyone dressing in yellow tomorrow to raise money for Traidcraft Exchange.

Pupils from years three to six will also be continuing the Fairtrade audit, which was started by the school last summer.

Lis said the idea was to see if shops in Shoreham stocked any Fairtrade goods and, if not, whether they would consider it.

“We are helping the Adur Fairtrade Group, which is doing its new directory,” she explained.

“It will help the children learn about using persuasive language.”

The Co-op gave the school £30 to buy bananas and Lis said they managed to get 36 kilos of them from the Ham Road store for the project.

During this week, some of the children have been making smoothies using the left-overs.