VIDEO: Catapult contest at school’s mediaeval day

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WHILE pirates searched for buried treasure, another class at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School was transported back to the Dark Ages last Thursday.

The year-six children wore mediaeval robes and got to work devising wicked punishments for the many classroom crimes committed by their peers every day.

S05526H14 St Peters Catholic Primary School's mediaeval feast

S05526H14 St Peters Catholic Primary School's mediaeval feast

They decided that people who failed to wash their hands would have to have a bath in front of everyone, those who spelled words incorrectly would have to write them out over and over again until their hand fell off, and anyone caught swinging on their chair would be tied to it.

The knights and maidens then prepared for an almighty banquet of traditional dishes such as pottage soup, which they ate and judged in the style of hit mediaeval TV show, Come Dine With Me.

Scribes made entries into the Doomsday Book, keeping a record of the children’s castle’s and their occupants, and then, when it was time to prepare for war, the subjects set about building catapults and testing them for range and accuracy.

The day was wrapped up with mediaeval dancing and games.