VIDEO: Blaze of colour at Steyning show

GROWERS created a blaze of colour at Steyning Horticultural Society’s autumn show.

They had battled extremes of weather during the year, from flooding to soaring heat, but produced some wonderful exhibits at the Steyning Centre on Saturday, August 30.

Colin Lindfield, who won the prestigious RHS Banksian Medal for the first time, with his prize-winning asters

Colin Lindfield, who won the prestigious RHS Banksian Medal for the first time, with his prize-winning asters

A huge number of visitors went along to view the results, including a record number of flower arrangements.

Chairman Charles Ashby said: “It was really pleasing to see many first-time exhibitors. The cooking saw many new names and the tables were full of jams, chutneys, lemon drizzle cakes, cheddar, apple and walnut loaves and much more, with the judge declaring she had no room for lunch at the end of her task.”

The prestigious RHS Banksian Medal, awarded for most points in the horticultural classes, went to Colin Lindfield, a first-time winner of the award.

He also won the Elsie and Doris Walters Cup for the best vegetable collection and the TH Fowler Cup for most points in the vegetable classes.

Mr Ashby said: “Colin is a very keen allotment holder and tries to keep his family in vegetables all year.”

Hilde Morris, who has recently won an award for her front garden in the Steyning In Bloom competition, was delighted to win the Charlie Hole Cup for the best apple, as well as the HR Pelling Shield for most points in the fruit classes.

“The cup was presented to the society in memory of Charlie Hole, head gardener for Elsie and Doris Walters,” explained Mr Ashby. “He was known as a man who took huge pride in growing excellent English apples.”

David Wells excelled in dahlias and asters, while Mr Ashby won the silver medal for the best vase of dahlias in show.

Julie MacCulloch and Lynne Broome won several prizes in the flower classes and Pat Town tookg the prize for best floral exhibit.

Cups and special awards

RHS Banksian Medal, most prize money in horticultural classes, Colin Lindfield.

Dahlia Society Silver Medal, best vase of dahlias, Charles Ashby.

Dahlia Society Bronze Medal, best individual dahlia bloom, Dave Wells.

Harry Connell Memorial Cup, highest points perennial/annuals, Julie MacCulloch.

HR Pelling Shield, highest points fruit, Hilde Morris.

John Hoskins Memorial Cup, highest points dahlias, Dave Wells.

Mrs TH Fowler Cup, second highest points dahlias, Ted Banks.

Elsie and Doris Waters Cup, highest points vegetable collection, Colin Lindfield.

TH Fowler Cup, highest points vegetables, Colin Lindfield.

F Skinner Memorial Cup, second highest points vegetables, A.G. MacCulloch.

Slaughter Memorial Cup, highest points cookery, Helen Cosham.

Dr and Mrs Dyce Davidson Cup, second highest points cookery, Jenny O’Hagan, Joanne Peate.

Cripps Memorial Cup, highest points chrysanthemums, Julie MacCulloch.

AE Carter Cup, highest points asters, Dave Wells.

Charlie Hole Cup, best apple, Hilde Morris.

HR Pelling Memorial Bowl, highest points flower arrangements, Jen Phoenix, Pat Town, Teresa Payne.

Flower club prize money, best arrangement, Pat Town.

Miss L. Heryett Memorial Cup, second highest points flower arrangements, Susan Howley, Dierdre Mercantonio, Michelle Leigh-Pollitt.

Pamela Cox Cup, highest points crafts, Anne Stone.

Peeps Cox Cup, highest points photography, Val Stringer.

Dougan Cup, highest points children’s classes (under eight), Martha and Elsie Stevens.