UPDATE: More travellers’ caravans arrive in Shoreham

Travellers in Park Avenue, Shoreham
Travellers in Park Avenue, Shoreham

FOUR ‘huge’ travellers’ caravans have joined ten already camped in a park in Shoreham this afternoon.

The second wave of caravans arrived at Park Avenue in Shoreham at around 4.30pm, accompanied by around five transit-type vans, according to one eye witness.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Another four huge great vans have turned up.

“What amazes me is the police are there but they aren’t doing anything about it.”

Caravans began arriving at the site at lunchtime, after being moved on from Lancing Business Park.

Police have confirmed that 12 Irish traveller families have occupied the park after moving from Lancing, where a section 61 order had been granted.

The group were camped in Brighton last week, before being evicted on Thursday and making their way to Worthing.

They moved to Lancing on Monday.

Police are now assessing the encampment to see if another Section 61 eviction can be authorised.