UPDATE: ‘Brilliant’ firefighters put out late-night pub blaze in seconds

The last customers at a Shoreham high street pub were evacuated from the premises yesterday as a fire broke out in the cellar.

Four fire engines were sent to the Bridge Inn – which is also home to a small B&B with four rooms – in the High Street at 11.08pm last night (Tuesday, June 6), a spokesperson from the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service confirmed.

Firefighters used breathing apparatus to deal with the fire. Pictures: Eddie Mitchell

Firefighters used breathing apparatus to deal with the fire. Pictures: Eddie Mitchell

Breathing apparatus was used as firefighters put out the blaze, which had started in a cooling unit, according to the spokesperson.

No one was injured.

Crews left the scene just under an hour later at 12.06am, though pub manager Imogen Trickett said ‘it was all over in seconds’.

She said the firefighters had arrived ‘immediately’.

“They were brilliant,” she said. “There were loads of them.”

Imogen had been in and out of the pub that evening when she was called down to the cellar after colleagues ‘smelt some funny smells’.

They found the source to be some electrical equipment, which ‘burst into flames’.

Imogen remained calm, describing herself as ‘fairly unflappable’, and as the fire alarms sounded staff and the roughly half a dozen customers that remained shortly before closing time left the pub.

Guests staying in the B&B were also evacuated.

Imogen said it was ‘reassuring’ that the fire alarms all worked as expected.

“It would’ve been more serious if the fire alarm hadn’t worked,” she said.

This morning she told the Herald that ‘everything was fine’ and that ‘happily’ it had not been a serious incident.

Guests at the B&B had been able to spend the night back in their rooms.

The day would be spent tidying up and cleaning out the cellar to get rid of any lingering smells, she said, but hoped the pub would reopen as usual by the evening.