Tug’s propeller shafts replaced

Shoreham Port's tug boat Adurni in dry dock
Shoreham Port's tug boat Adurni in dry dock

SHOREHAM Port’s tug boat Adurni has been fitted with new propeller shafts.

The boat had to go into dry dock for the procedure, which is usually carried out every five years, depending on their condition, due to the volume and nature of the bed levelling work it carries out.

Shoreham Port's tug boat Adurni in dry dock

Shoreham Port's tug boat Adurni in dry dock

Like any commercial vessel, Adurni has an annual inspection and survey in order to meet the standards set out under the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) small vessel code.

During the last inspection in August this year, it was found the wear on the propeller shafts was significant enough to require a replacement.

The new shafts and bearings had to be made to order by Dutch shipyard company IHC Merwede at Sliedrecht in Holland.

At 4m long and a diameter of 120cm, fitted with 1.3m propellers inside Quart nozzles, the shafts are driven by two GM V 12 diesel engines via two 4.5:1 reduction twin disc gearboxes, providing the tug with up to ten tons of bollard pull through the water.

James Gray, assistant harbour master/marine works said: “Seabed levelling is a modern day dredging technique used in many ports and harbours. It is a vital part of the work that we carry out around the harbour and therefore we place great importance on the maintenance of the tug to ensure she is working efficiently.

“We are extremely fortunate that we have the dry dock to use as an excellent facility to carry out maintenance work on our port vessels. This versatile facility enables us to make speedy repairs and keep our fleet in ‘tip top’ working order.”

The Adurni has a busy schedule of work lined up this winter, following the repair works.