Transition Town unveils plans for Upper Beeding cement works

How the former Upper Beeding cement works could look in the future
How the former Upper Beeding cement works could look in the future

A PROJECT to bring a disused cement works back into use by turning the site into a heritage, training and employment centre has been launched.

The Transition Town Worthing and Shoreham groups want to transform the former Upper Beeding cement works, off Steyning Road, into Sussex’s equivalent of the Eden Project.

Plans include apartments, cafés and shops round a “town square”, landscaping and a construction museum and training centre.

Dr Barbara Shaw, from Transition Town, said: “Alongside current economic change, there is an expectation that public, private and charitable sectors come together to find new and constructive ways forward for regional development.

“This cement works idea could be just such a meeting of minds if turned into a major project.”

She said it could “promote local regeneration” through re-training and foster “creative and sustainable” lifestyles.

“With the recent spate of disasters globally, commodities will be in increasingly short supply,” said Dr Shaw.

“It will be important to reuse materials during reconstruction, thereby reducing the energy used and cutting carbon emissions.”

Dr Shaw has contacted interested parties to discuss funding and support options.

The project has been thought up by three Transition members, Dr Shaw, Hamish McKenzie and Mischa Hewitt.