Thomas Cook collapse - Worthing residents and holidaymakers react to the news

The Worthing town centre branch of Thomas Cook today
The Worthing town centre branch of Thomas Cook today

Following news that Thomas Cook has ceased trading Herald readers took to Facebook to share their experiences and their sadness for staff.

Barbara Wakefield wrote: "We are in Rhodes via Thomas Cook and we are not worried about getting home on Saturday as we have been assured that there will not be a problem with a flight. Also the owners of Paleos apartments where we are staying have been amazing, reassuring everyone whilst being concerned about their future."

Sara Buckland wrote: "Yes - we've lost holidays. Never mind, could have been far worse - we didn't work for TC so still have jobs. I'm absolutely gutted for TC employees and the businesses that are affected by this."

You can read the full story about the Thomas cook collapse here

Andy Payne agreed and wrote: "I am sure people will get home. And I believe most bookings will be covered by ABTA insurance. It's the staff I feel for!"

And this was reiterated by Nicola 'Charlie' Griffin who praised the staff in the Worthing town centre branch, writing: "Feel for all involved, especially staff at the town branch. They have always gone above and beyond, hope you all find work soon."

Likewise Debby Walker wrote: "I’m so sorry that people have lost their holidays. Most will manage to either get a refund or rebook something else. My main concern is for the employees who have lost their jobs. They probably have no idea if they will be paid this month."

While those away have been told they will have flights organised for them with in the next two weeks to fly home, those who had not yet gone on holiday have found they no longer have one to go on.

Sandra Anne wrote: "Yep hubby and I were due to fly to Turkey for 2 weeks on the 3rd. Parking booked and paid for and visas. Got to wait 60 days to get money back. Tried to book same dates through TUI this morning and cannot. Looks like all seats on planes have been earmarked to transport TC customers. Oh well it is what it is. At least we all have our jobs."

Kelly Deacon wrote: "We are two families, including 4 children whom were due to go in November."

While Nigel Parry wrote: "I was booked to go to Cuba on 8th October. Thomas Cook airlines were the only UK airline that flew in to Holguin."

You can read the full story about the Thomas cook collapse here