Toddler survives 25ft fall from flat window

A TODDLER who plunged 25 feet from the window of a second-floor flat not only survived, but barely suffered a scratch.

Two-year-old Alec fell to the ground outside after climbing onto a dressing table and releasing the safety catch on the window of his parents’ bedroom at Pashley Court in Surry Street, Shoreham, on Saturday afternoon.

Mum Charlotte Lewis and dad Sebastian Michel with little Alec

Mum Charlotte Lewis and dad Sebastian Michel with little Alec

He was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, but was allowed home just four hours later, to the relief of parents Sebastian Michel and Charlotte Lewis.

Still shaken by the accident, Sebastian, 22, described what had been going through his mind when he realised what had happened.

“I don’t even know how to explain it,” he said. “It was like anxiousness and fear and almost a searing pain in my chest. I was thinking ‘when I get downstairs, what’s he going to look like? How’s he going to be? He’s going to be all mangled’.”

But when Sebastian reached his son, the only sign of injury was a trickle of blood where Alec had bitten his tongue.

“I think he fell onto the grass and bounced,” said Sebastian. “I was freaking out, but when we got to hospital, within an hour he was playing with toys and running around.”

Sebastian said hospital staff had not even needed to take scans or x-rays.

“He was unbelievably well, we couldn’t believe it. It was shocking. If I fell 25 feet I would at least have broken a few things.

“Even now I can’t understand it. I’m not religious, but to have nothing like that, it just doesn’t make sense.”

The family has since re-arranged the furniture in the flat and the window company has been to check the other windows are safe.

Sebastian said he had always tried to do everything in his power to make his children happy and give them the upbringing he never had.

“It’s just one of those things,” he said. “We are responsible because we are his parents, and obviously we feel really bad because he’s our son and we love him, but no one can keep an eye on their kids 24/7. It was just really unfortunate.”

The air ambulance attended but was not used.

A police spokesman said the incident had been investigated and it was ‘clearly an accidental fall’.