Tips to make homes more secure during the festive period

Burglary stock image
Burglary stock image

BURGLARY is one of the main areas of concern for people living in the Horsham district.

Despite being the safest district in West Sussex, with very low crime rates, there are occasions when some residents become the subject of a crime.

Horsham District Community Safety Partnership wants to ensure communities in the district, which include Steyning and Upper Beeding, enjoy a safe and secure festive season.

The partnership said that at this time of year, one of the main areas of concern is burglary.

Homes can be vulnerable to burglars, particularly when they are unoccupied in the late afternoon and early evenings, but residents can take some simple steps to make their homes more secure by following some simple advice.

When leaving the house unattended, make sure all the windows and doors are locked, pay particular attention to those at the rear of the house. Don’t forget to lock the shed and garage too.

Make the house look occupied by using automatic timer switches on indoor lights either upstairs or in a room that cannot be peered into from the street. Using a timer switch with a radio tuned to a talk station also gives the illusion that somebody is home.

Burglars like the dark so an outside automated light can act as a good deterrent

Make sure Christmas presents are kept out of sight and after presents have been opened, dispose of the boxes properly to ensure the contents are not being advertised.

Other tips include making sure car keys are kept hidden out of sight and that keys to property are not left outside under a plant pot or door mat.

To help keep the whole of the street safe, residents can get involved with the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Looking out for neighbours means burglars have to work much harder. For further information about joining Neighbourhood Watch, contact Sussex Police on 101.

Residents are being urged to report any suspicious callers or activity to Sussex Police via 101 or if they believe a crime is taking place via 999, giving as much information as possible.