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The nostalgia pages in this week’s Shoreham Herald include a fascinating look back at the history of Brooklands miniature railway.

Author Graham Lelliott takes readers back to 1964 when the railway was first proposed for the site by a Mr David Stanier and a Mr Ernest Woods.

Once the planning particulars had been submitted, the proposal for a railway at Brooklands was later accepted by the council and work to build the railway begin in early 1965.

This mammoth task of laying the railway was achieved on schedule and the 660-yard “end to end” railway, with “run round loops” at either end, was officially opened in time for the Easter period in 1965.

Read Graham’s special article, complete with a selection of pictures, in our nostalgia section in today’s Herald.

Also in this week’s Herald is an interview with former mayor and town crier Bob Smytherman who has decided to stand for MP against Tim Loughton in the East Worthing and Shoreham constituency.

Mr Smytherman has replaced Liberal Democrat candidate Jemima Bland who has stepped down for personal reasons.

There is also a special report this week following a stark warning from head teachers across the area that a crisis is looming if secondary schools are not given their fair share of Government grants.

These are just some of the stories in this week’s Herald.

There are dozens more news stories, features, picture stories, columnists, letters, business news, entertainment and sport.

There is a round-up of cases from the local courts, details of the latest roadworks and an important message about spotting the signs of bowel cancer.

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