This is how coastal erosion may affect Shoreham over the next century

mages showing the predicted levels of coastal erosion in Shoreham over the next 100 years. Image:
mages showing the predicted levels of coastal erosion in Shoreham over the next 100 years. Image:

Shoreham is one of the top ten areas most at risk of coastal erosion, new analysis has revealed.

Up to 131ft of land in Shoreham is likely to be lost over the next 20 years due to erosion, an analysis of Environment Agency data by has found.

A spokesman said: “This will reach the houses at the edge of the beach, and perhaps even the landmark Shoreham Fort.”

The company has produced a series of graphics showing the extent of the coastal erosion in the town in 20, 50 and 100 years.

In 50 years’ time, the erosion will have shaved 328ft off of the shoreline, while in 100 years’ time a total of 656ft of land could be lost, according to the study.

Shoreham is in the BN43 postcode, one of the areas most at risk from coastal erosion.

A spokesman for the company said: “With 10,287 houses falling under the catchment, it comes as no surprise that the average annual house insurance premium is set to £150.58, with the average house price at £488,225, a high cost for living on a coastline which is deteriorating at such length.

“If a house were to be destroyed beyond repair in this postcode, you could be looking at a rebuild cost of £237,9275.”

The Environment Agency has calculated that 7,000 homes in the UK, worth more than £1bn, could fall into the sea within this century, the spokesman said.

The report also states that 520,000 properties are in areas with coastal flooding risk, and without further action this figure could treble to 1.5m by 2080s.

Tom Vaughan, Head of Home at said: “Coastal erosion has become one of the most worrying issues for UK home owners in seaside towns.

“Our research highlights the increasing risk that many coastal residents are facing, to the point where some are ultimately looking at losing their homes over the next 20 years.”

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