Sweet success adds up for schoolchildren

The winning team - The Sugar Lumps, with Libby Cleaves (far right), their project manager
The winning team - The Sugar Lumps, with Libby Cleaves (far right), their project manager

A Young Apprentice style challenge saw Upper Beeding children making, baking and creating earlier this month.

The challenge was set for pupils in years three and four at Upper Beeding Primary School during maths week, which took place from December 3 to 7.

The children, in teams, had to bake cookies, design packaging for them, decide on pricing and work out profit margins, as well as create a poster and radio jingle.

A project manager was assigned to each team to make the final decisions.

A spokesperson for the school said: “They all worked brilliantly within their teams and produced some fantastic products.”

Among the variety of maths-based activities during the week, the children took part in orienteering, non-alcoholic cocktail making, cookie baking and a team maths challenge, to name a few.

Pupils used their weighing and measuring skills to make astronaut cookies, used map skills for orienteering and created mathematical art, before the maths challenge afternoon.

“Lord Sugar” and “Karen Brady” set the children the Young Apprentice style challenge, which included working out costs and profits.

The project managers had to present their team’s work to “Lord Sugar” and each waited nervously for their turn.

In the end, The Sugar Lumps team was announced the winner, with Libby Cleaves as their project manager.

On the Wednesday, the school held a cake sale at break time to sell some of the cookies the children had made, along with cakes contributed by parents, to raise money for the school.

To round off the week, the children’s parents were invited to the school, in School Road, Upper Beeding, to join the childdren for some maths games in the classroom.

The school said it had been a really exciting week which had seen the pupils working on maths projects both inside the school and outside during one afternoon.