Students end school years in style

SIXTH-FORM leavers at Steyning Grammar celebrated their time at the school at a formal prize-giving dinner.

The event was held at the Hilton Avisford Park Hotel, near Arundel, on Thursday.

Students fill the stand at the Amex for their prom

Students fill the stand at the Amex for their prom

It was attended by 230 students, along with teachers, learning mentors, governors and other members of the school’s staff.

As well as the awards, to commemorate the school’s 400th anniversary, students were presented with gold coins in recognition of the gold standard they have set for others to follow.

Director of sixth form Sally Randall told the students: “When you joined the sixth form college, you were already precious golden nuggets.

“If, as teachers, mentors and supporters, we have helped to shine those bits of you that were not so bright, then our job is done.

“However hard it is, we know that we have to open all the doors and windows and let you fly. With all your talent and abilities, the world needs you, so go out there and make it a better place.”

The following night, it was a chance for the school’s year-11 students to get dressed up for their prom, which was held at the American Express Community Stadium, in Brighton.

The event was a chance to mark the students’ successes and positive contributions, and also to bid farewell 
to those who were leaving 
the school.

Some students arrived to the glamorous event in style pulling up in limousines, vintage cars and convertible cars.

Others chose to approach the red carpet in slightly more unconventional carriages, including cardboard taxis, scooters and even a space hopper. An awards presentation followed dinner, and there was then a chance for the students to take to the dancefloor.

Head of year Sachin Choithramani said: “It has been the perfect end to an amazing three years.

“We will always be able to proudly look on these students as the 400th generation of our Steyning family.

“The friendships, the love and the care that they have cultivated for one another will leave a lasting legacy in our hearts and minds.”