‘Strong voice for local people’ in tackling crime

Katy Bourne speaking at Shoreham and Southwick Rotary Club
Katy Bourne speaking at Shoreham and Southwick Rotary Club

ROTARIANS were given an insight into police work by Sussex police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne.

She spoke at Shoreham and Southwick Rotary Club’s meeting last Friday, which included eight guests from the Steyning and Henfield club.

The visit marked the end of a successful year in office for Alison Boram, the first female president at Shoreham and Southwick Rotary Club.

Les Baker said: “Mrs Bourne provided members and guests with a comprehensive overview of her role covering several items of local interest, including community safety funding, commissioning restorative justice initiatives, and tackling anti-social behaviour.

“The commissioner also talked about increasing the visibility of frontline police officers, explaining how she has opened recruitment for the first time in three years for 120 police officers, 30 PCSOs and 160 special constables.”

Fracking was discussed and Mrs Bourne highlighted the successful application she made to the Home Office to recover the balance of the costs incurred in the policing operation during exploratory drilling protests in Balcombe.

She also explained that an agreement had been met with the policing minister that if Sussex Police is faced with further shale gas protests in the future, then all policing costs will be refunded in full.

The presentation ended with the commissioner taking many and varied questions from members.

Commenting afterwards, Mrs Bourne said: “My success as PCC will depend on my understanding of Sussex and its residents, and shaping the police force accordingly.

“I want people to know I am an accessible commissioner and a strong voice for local people in the fight against crime.

“The next few years will be an exciting and challenging time for policing in our county and I look forward to working with the police, partners and especially the public, to ensure we all feel safer in Sussex.”

Incoming president Robert Dunn thanked Mrs Bourne.