Stress relief and well-being group offers free trial

LIFE coach and healer David Rees is offering people the chance to try his Shoreham stress relief and well-being group for free.

Weekly sessions are held at the Shoreham Centre, in Pond Road, on Mondays from 7pm to 8pm. The usual cost is £5, £4 concessions, but the first session is free.

Mr Rees said: “These sessions provide an opportunity to experience and learn techniques that can help manage and reduce stress and anxiety plus increase well-being, each of which can be implemented into daily life. They are very simple yet powerful.

“During the sessions we connect with the moment. So many of us live in the past or the future, here we bring our attention to right now through the breath, the body and by just being.”

The focus is on meditation, although the sessions also borrow elements and practices from hypnotherapy, mindfulness, healing and energy work.

Mr Rees said the Shoreham group had been created following a successful three-week course in Lancing, where a large portion of the attendees wished to continue.

Regular attendee Maggie Morrish said: “I really value the sessions, it is my switch off time. They help me let go and set me up for the week ahead.”